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Eco-friendly series  self closing sliding door closer is semi-automatic and works without an external power supply. Easy to install and easy to use. When the door is opened manually, the self-closing feature allows the door to close automatically. It has a slow closing feature that works just like an automatic door.

Suitable door openings:

400 series: 420mm-910mm

693 series: 700mm-1150mm

800 series: 790mm-1360mm

1000 series: 990mm-1760mm

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6 Series SLIDEback Self Closing Door Closer

The self-closing door closer SLIDEback is suitable for almost all sliding doors, such as wooden sliding doors, aluminum patio doors, sliding screen doors and frameless glass doors. It is widely used in residences, shops, nursing homes, hospitals, data centers and schools.

When used in pool safety projects, it eliminates the need for fencing around the pool, saving thousands of dollars and restoring divided pool space.

Self-closing door closers prevent energy waste for cooling or heating by automatically closing your doors. Additionally, when applied to screen doors, it prevents insects from entering your home. Suitable for DIY. The SLIDEback door closer’s simple installation process makes it a convenient and cost-effective solution for a variety of door types. Its versatile application in various environments demonstrates its reliability and efficiency, providing users with safety and convenience. With its practical benefits for energy saving and pest control, the SLIDEback door closer is an ideal choice for both residential and commercial purposes.

Unfortunately, you can’t find a self closing sliding door at Bunnings.

4 Series SLIDEback Self Closing Door Closer

The 4 series sliding door closer has 4 tubes. Can fit narrow door width, and can open much wider compared to its small body length.

Standard body length; 400mm from center to center.
Applicable door width: 450~930mm.
Wide range of applications for door weights from 1 kg to 50 kg.
It provides very practical and easy installation.
Soft closing speed can be adjusted.
It is very suitable for sliding screen doors of standard size (up to 920mm).
It has a front closure profile for an aesthetic appearance.

 Flexible and easy installations

  • Various mounting bracket combinations offer different installation options. These brackets are suitable for sliding doors, barn doors, framed and frameless glass doors, patio doors, storefronts, interior sliding doors, bypass sliding doors, center-opening double sliding doors and more. Additionally, the new bracket mounts provided allow for easy installation and removal. Mounting slots for installation clips make the installation process easier.
  • The slim body offers more possibilities to be concealed in door jamb.
  • Front casing and main body of the door closer in anodised silver colour
  • Black Colour is available only for 6Series Heavy Duty door closers.
  • The position of the “Speed Control Valve” has been moved front, for easier soft closing speed adjustment.
  • Magnetic “hold-open” accessories ensure convenient operation.
  • Tested for over 150,000 cycles; Much more durable and better than others.
  • Service: 1 year warranty and lifetime after-service.

 6 Series Automatic Self Closing Sliding Door Closer Specs:

  • Standard body length: 693 mm. Suits door width between 700 mm – 1,150 mm.
  • Main material & colour: Aluminum & Anodised Aluminium
  • Power Force: Light duty (L), Medium duty (M), Heavy duty (H)
  • Door weight: Can be installed for door weights up to 80 kg* (depending on the sliding smoothness of the doors). If the rolling system is smooth enough, even the light duty can carry an 80 kg door.
  • Can be installed on data centre, IT field, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, utility cabinets and so on.
  • Can be installed for middle opening double doors and barn doors.
  • Can be installed for wood door, metal door, frameless glass door and framed glass door.
  • An add-on tool for pool safety and fire safety compliance.

Disclaimer: The above checklist does not substitute for a pool inspection and is for educational purposes only.


Silver, Black


400, 693, 800, 1000


Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, Light+, Medium+

There is a simple way that can help you to choose possible door closer force level:

Use just one finger (not your arm) to push on your door and see, how far the door moves. If the movement of the door is less than 25mm – 30mm, it may not be possible to install a sliding door closer. Please improve the efficiency of sliding rollers first. Also look for other factors that create friction. For example, weather seals, dust brushes, etc. The power selection in the table is for reference only.
  • Choose the appropriate position for the sliding door closer on the top jamb or door leaf.
  • Install the closer 5cm back from the striker, not in line with the striker (See the last two images below). In this way, the closer always applies load to the door and helps to bring the door back even in small openings.
  • Make sure the mounting brackets are fixed horizontally and carefully levelled.
  • After securing the two mounting brackets, place the sliding door closer in to the mounting brackets.

Sliding Door Closer Operation Check and Speed Adjustment:

  • Check the operation of the door closer by opening and closing the door.
  • Adjust the Speed ​​Valve to the desired speed. The speed valve adjustment screw is at the other end of the door closer where the pistons are not. (Clockwise for slow scrolling and counterclockwise for fast scrolling)
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